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Trade PowerAsia has paved the way for innovative manufacturers to enter the Philippine market by offering cutting edge solutions to emerging problems.  Filipino businesses are paying the highest rates for power in Asia, which makes the Philippines a prime market for creative power solutions. 

Power Quality: Your Hidden Cost Driver

Power quality is a growing concern for businesses operating large equipment or using large amounts of electricity. Power quality matters to your business, and the evidence of that is on your bottom line. 


High Bills - Your power bills may be higher because your equipment is drawing excess energy that goes to waste. 

Power Factor Penalties - Your electricity distributor may be charging a penalty for low power factor because this causes increased strain on the power grid. 

Interrupted productivity - Poor power quality causes multiple issues that affect operations, which can manifest as flickering lights, tripped circuit breakers and equipment fires.

Harmonics Penalties – Philippine power regulations limit harmonics levels and impose penalties for noncompliance.

Equipment Breakdown - Harmonics cause premature wear and tear on motors and electrical equipment, which drive up repair, maintenance, labor and replacement costs. 

Power conditioning equipment is one of the smartest, easiest investments that will keep your operations running smoothly.

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Our power quality equipment partners create the most innovative and trusted solutions on the market.  

  • Industry-leading power quality performance

  • Superior engineering assessment and support

  • Customized solutions tailored to maximize results and minimize cost

Image by Theodor Vasile

For more information, please visit our power quality manufacturing partners

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