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One Solution for Ideal Power Quality & Savings

The P1Advantage™ is installed to improve power quality by simultaneously eliminating harmonics that are causing operational issues and damaging equipment (the life of equipment can be increased by up to 50%), and correcting power factor, which eliminates capital expenditures on inferior power quality products. Combined, the eliminated harmonics and corrected power factor, save money by lowering monthly power consumption (kW and kVA).


While referred to as a filter, our advanced technology delivers a much superior performance than traditional harmonic filters, reducing harmonic distortion from levels over 100% to less than 5%, while simultaneously correcting power factor to over 99%, when operated within designed perimeters.


The P1Advantage™ is a "passive" device, meaning that it does not draw any additional power, making it a very energy efficient solution. The P1Advantage™ is simply installed between the power source and the non-linear load (such as a VFD) and requires only minimal maintenance.

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