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Trade Power Asia has a unique and in-depth understanding of Canadian and Philippine business culture.  We excel in working with Philippine and Canadian teams to devise strategies that resonate with Philippine customers and drive demand for Canadian brands and products. We are highly focused on bringing environmentally friendly innovation from Canada and Europe to the Philippines and the rest of Asia. We know the Asian market needs, based on familiarity and strong connections with key decision makers from various Industries. We provide market intelligence, facilitate seamless collaboration, and help clients jumpstart expansion. 

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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Who We Are

Consulting with Purpose

In the arena of international business and trade, staying competitive means striking the right balance between risk and reward. To achieve your potential, you need accurate, up to date, and timely information and people that can help you make the right decisions. We are a dedicated Consulting company with an almost infinite flexibility and mobility to serve our clients and partners. We are a uniquely specialized international business concierge service.  We are determined to bring Canadian businesses to the Philippines.

We Help You Achieve

Your International Business Objectives

We have intimate market intelligence and a robust network of movers and shakers in various industries, professional organizations and government in Canada and in the Philippines. 

We leverage these partnerships to keep ahead of market trends, identify opportunities and establish critical business contacts for Canadian companies.


We assist Canadian companies with various business models across a broad range of industry sectors to successfully do business with the Philippines through: 

  • Identification and assessment of niche markets and business partners

  • Development of market entry strategies and business plan

  • Selection and qualification on clients, distributors, agents, suppliers, manufacturing partners, joint ventures partners and merger & acquisition targets in the Philippines

  • Assistance with outsourcing manufacturing to and sourcing products from the Philippines

We do consulting for companies in the Philippines for innovations being introduced

  • Developing a roadmap for the business/project

  • Preparation of project feasibility study

  • Pilot implementation support for key initiatives

  • On-going project management

Our Team

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Fe Miranda Aruta is a battle-forged business heavyweight, with extensive banking and financial experience in both Canada and the Philippines.

She was a strong and vocal advocate for clients with multi-million dollar portfolios within the Royal Bank of Canada. She built a solid career that culminated in the presidency of Planters Development Bank, which rose to the top of SME-focused financial institutions in the Philippines.   



Chairman and CEO

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60  Shuter St PH108 Toronto,

On. Canada M5B 0B7

+1 64 7 885 8655


Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00


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